Favian (Sketchpacker) has been drawing since young and loves to use pictures to tell stories. He has created several comics series of his own, including those found in his travel sketching blog, Sketchpacker Diaries(http://sketchpacker.blogspot.sg/).

Favian has worked in the visual effects industry for several years on many notable films before teaching film and art at polytechnic and university level. He hopes to share his love of art and storytelling with others.

A Sketchpacker Workshop - Sketching is Seeing

Drawing is not so much a talent you are born with, but a skill that can be learned. Let Sketchpacker show you how! Learning to see is the first step in learning to draw.

In this series of workshops Sketchpacker will take you through the phases of the fundamental of drawing.

Session 1 (16 Sept), you will learn about proportion and how to measure using a pencil.

Session 2 (23 Sept) will cover the rules of perspective, which will help you capture 3-dimensional objects on a 2-dimentional sheet of paper.

Session 3 (30 Sept) will deal with light and shadow, tones and textures.

All sessions will have a theoretical and practical component as you create your own on-location sketches. All art materials will be supplied, but you may wish to bring your own stools and hats/caps for outdoor sketching.